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Leadel.NET is a unique social change video portal and network, aimed at Jewish students and professionals across the globe. The primary aim of the project is to create an online Jewish media hub with a focus on creating a link between the leaders of today and the innovators of tomorrow.


Launched in September 2008, Leadel already contains a unique gallery of interviews with a wide range of leading personalities, giving a truly new perspective of Jewish culture, thought and identity around the world.


The Leadel project doesn’t want to stop at “simple interviews”, just mediating ideas. Their aim is to experiment with the web to create actual contact between people who do and people who aspire to do. The site contains friendly tools to encourage contact and discussion about the many issues confronting Jews and the Jewish world today.


Being a Jewish site aimed at actual and potential achievers, Leadel.NET has set a goal of taking part in the revival of the discourse regarding Jewish values, as well the way they affect peoples' lives. The philosophy behind this: that only with a strong sense of identity can peple truly connect to themselves and their community, in order to pursue their core passion.


Leadel.NET was initiated by the European Jewish Congress and is currently funded by the European Jewish Fund.


The Leadel website adheres to standards of quality, rich multimedia, user experience and ease of use, and is thus very appealing to young people.

Updated: Jun. 22, 2009