International Conference on Conservative Judaism, Jerusalem

December, 29th-30th, 2009

Source: Van Leer Institute


In order to ensure a deeper understanding of contemporary Conservative Judaism from theological, cultural, sociological and educational perspectives, and the changes that have been taking place in these areas, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute initiated in 2007 the establishment of a study group on Conservative Judaism.


The fruits of the intellectual labors of this group, alongside new studies by other prominent scholars from Israel and abroad, will be presented at the Conservative Judaism: Halakhah, Culture and Sociology - International Conference at The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Jerusalem.


Special attention will be paid to issues of Halakha which will be viewed in the context of gender and culture, thus uncovering the internal tensions within this movement.

Among the presenters:

Dr. Ari Ackerman,
Prof. Hanan Alexander,
Rabbi Prof. Yehoyada Amir,
Prof. Yaakov Ariel,
Prof. Sylvia Barack-Fishman,
Deby Babis,
Dr. Hanoch Ben-Pazi,
Dr. Meir Buzaglo,
Prof. Steven Cohen,
Dr. Kobi Cohen-Hatav,
Prof. Arnold Eisen,
Yakir Englander,
Dr. Adam Ferziger,
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin,
Dr. Rachel Gordin,
Dr. Aviad Hacohen,
Prof. Lawrence Kaplan,
Prof. Eli Lederhendler,
Prof. Israel Levine,
Prof. Michael Meyer,
Prof. Guy Miron,
Prof. Gabriel Motzkin,
Dr. Michal Muszkat-Barkan,
Dr. Ariel Pickard,
Rabbi Dr. Einat Ramon,
Rabbi Dr. Avram Reisner,
Dr. Avinoam Rosnak (chair),
Rabbi Prof. Joel Roth,
Rabbi Prof. Naftali Rothenberg,
Prof. Jonathan Sarna,
Prof. Eliezer Schweid,
Avraham Slater,
Dr. Ilana Stockman

Updated: Nov. 05, 2009