Jewish Education 3.0 (JE3) - Technology and Jewish Education – A Revolution in the Making


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Jewish Education 3.0 (JE3), a project of JESNA's Lippman Kanfer Institute, brings together visionary thinkers and practitioners to explore Jewish learning in a digital age and implications for individuals and the Jewish community. Their work is guided by the new opportunities and challenges presented by emerging educational, socio-cultural, and technical shifts in learning and the infrastructures that can support it. This online publication, through their core narrative, essay contributions, a blog, resources and news stories, touches on the deeper question and implications of what it means to “do” Jewish education in a 21st century digital world.

The JE3 participants invite contributors with related expertise to expand their thinking and help the publication grow in a thoughtful and engaging way. They hope that participants will share their work and insights to make this publication substantive and thought-provoking. Their aim is to inspire people to discuss the impact that media and technology have on Jewish education today, and also how they – as both educators and learners – can utilize these tools to improve and empower their own learning and teaching.

Updated: Feb. 14, 2010


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Monica Rozenfeld of JESNA's Sosland Resource Center just disseminated information about a new Jewish education portal: Quoting from this portal, Ms. Rozenfeld shares the following: "Our hope is that this portal will become a clearing house in which people can exchange ideas on how to recruit, develop and retain exceptional Jewish educators through mentoring students, teaching candidates, and teachers in our day and supplemental schools. The workshops and courses are designed for Jewish teachers, administrators, teacher trainers, professors, consultants, staff developers and educational leaders in the field. Take a look around at"