The Jewish Teen Funders Network


Source: The Jewish Teen Funders Network 


The mission of the Jewish Teen Funders Network (JTFN) is to provide Jewish teens with hands-on opportunities to engage in collective philanthropic giving with their peers, guided by Jewish values.The JTFN is an association of 82 Jewish teen philanthropy programs throughout North America. These programs are for both boys and girls, ages 13-18, are built around values clarification exercises, collective decision-making, philanthropic giving, and teen leadership.


The JTFN pursues its mission by working with talented professional and lay leaders to increase the number of Jewish youth philanthropy programs around the country, and the number of teens involved in these programs. It also aims to enhance the Jewish educational value of these programs by providing curricular and programmatic resources on Jewish values and philanthropy.


The JTFN website contains rich resources and best practices for different models of Jewish youth philanthropy programs to enable group leaders, teen participants, parents and community leaders help establish and run engaging and successful Jewish teen philanthropy programs based on the experience of others. It also contains a listing of existing programs around North America and links to numerous other related sources, lesson plans and activities.

Updated: Mar. 08, 2010