What Do We Know About Jewish Education? Not as Much as You May Think

February 22, 2010

Souce: Tzeh U’limad Blog


In a recent blog post on the HUC-JIR Continuing Alumni Education Blog, Scott Aaron bemoans how little systematic research information exists about the Jewish identity of Jewish students in relation to Jewish education. He raises some thoughts as to how the situation might be improved.


He asks: " How could the most educated ethnic identity group in American history make such massive investments in Jewish education and identity development with so little reliable data to show for it?"


By reviewing some recent presentations, he suggests that greater emphasis on various dimensions of reflection could greatly improve the situation.


He continues to briefly describes three dimensions of reflection:

  • Academic Reflection
  • Theoretical Reflection
  • Personal Reflection

Aaron hopes and believes that by practicing greater reflection "as the community continues its recent efforts to engage in extensive academic research into Jewish education and identity, it will be able to rely on those findings to develop new and meaningful paradigms of Jewish education."

Updated: Mar. 08, 2010