Dialog with 'OFEK' – Affective Discourse with Small Groups


Source: Dialog with OFEK


The Israel Teachers' Union in cooperation with the Center for Educational Technology has launched the "Dialog with OFEK" website. The site is meant to serve educators working with small groups in the OFEK CHADASH (New Horizon) elementary school reform program, which includes the addition of school hours for work with small groups. The website contains materials and activities to help the teachers enhance the student – teacher dialog and the affective discourse between them. The site contains experiential student activities, and professional articles, videos and tips for teachers.


The student activities for fourth to sixth graders, working in groups up to five, include printable worksheets and activities as well as online games and activities.


The site contains materials for the teachers to help them choose and utilize the student learning activities as well as articles and research reports about small group teaching and fostering personal ties with the students. A discussion forum dealing with these topics and activities is provided for the support of the community of teachers subscribed to the site.

Updated: Feb. 09, 2011


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