Shaping the Future: Reconstructing the Textbook in the Digital Age

March 27-28, 2011

Source: Reconstructing the Textbook in the Digital Age


The Center for Educational Technology (CET) has announced its 40th anniversary conference, "Shaping the Future: Reconstructing the Textbook in the Digital Age", which will take place on March 27-28, 2011 at Beit Hatfutsot - the Museum of the Jewish People (Tel-Aviv Univ.) and the CET campus. The Conference speakers hail from academic institutions, publishing, media and technological firms from Israel and abroad. Well known writers will also offer presentations.


The conference committee has created a dedicated website and Facebook application which provide information about the conference and allow online discussion of the conference topics.


Among the planned conference sessions:

  • Where is the Organization of Human Knowledge Going?: The Cultural Revolution of the New Book
  • Are Hieroglyphics Back?: Reading and Writing in the Age of the Electronic Book
  • The New Learning Environment
  • Is There Still Such a Thing as a Free Lunch?: Economic Models for Content on the Web
  • Who Needs Writers in the Internet Age?: The Book and the Virtual Community
  • Mommy, What’s a Book?: The Nature of the Books of the Future

Among the speakers:

  • Prof. Renee Hobbs - Professor at the School of Communications and Theater at Temple University
  • Dr. Michael Jon Jensen - Director of Strategic Web Communications for the Office of Communications of the National Academies and National Academies Press, USA
  • Prof. Roy Pea - David Jacks Professor of Education and the Learning Sciences at Stanford University

  • Prof. David Weinberger - senior researcher at Harvard Law's Berkman Center for the Internet & Society, Co-Director of the Harvard Library Innovation Lab at Harvard Law School

  • Ms. Liz Pape - the President and CEO of Virtual High School Global Consortium

  • Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli - Director of the The Sagy Center for Internet Research (InfoSoc, the Center for the Study of the Information Society) and Head of the Graduate School of Management, University of Haifa, Israel

  • Prof. Yoav Yair - a physicist and a faculty member in the department of Natural Sciences of the Open University of Israel. Dean of Development and Learning Technologies

  • Prof. Rafi Nachmias - professor of Science Education in Tel-Aviv University, head of the School of Education, as well as the head of the Science and Technology Education Center (SATEC), both of Tel-Aviv University

  • Dov Alfon - the editor in chief of Haaretz newspaper

  • Avi Warshavsky - the Director of Social Studies and Humanities Dept. of The Center for Educational Technology (CET). In charge of development teams in the following disciplines: Geography, History, Social Studies, Hebrew Bible and Israel Culture

  • Prof. Yossi Matias - Director of the Google Tel Aviv R&D Center

  • Dr. Ruth Calderon - Founder and CEO of ALMA – Home for Hebrew Culture

  • Mr. Eli Kanai - Director of Education Technology, "Avi Chai" Foundation
Updated: Mar. 06, 2011