Collaborative Text Study and Reflective Practice: Deepening An Inquiry Stance in Teaching and Learning - A Summer Workshop

August 1-5, 2011

Source: CSJEC Summer Institute 


The Center for Studies in Jewish Education and Culture (CSJEC) at the University of Cincinnati is pleased to offer a summer course on August 1-5, 2011, focusing on collaborative text study and reflective practice. It will be taught by Miriam Raider-Roth (director of CSJEC) and Elie Holzer (Bar-Ilan University, Israel). This is a course for both educators who are new to collaborative text study and reflective practices as well as those who already have experience with these practices and are interested in expanding their knowledge and practice in these domains. Educators from all grade levels and all learning environments are welcome.


This course will focus on collaborative text study (also known as Hevruta learning) and reflective teaching practice. Participants will experience collaborative text study first-hand, engaging in practices that support teachers’ capacity to assume an inquiry stance in their teaching and learning. The institute will provide opportunities to explore texts from both the educational literature and the Jewish tradition, meant to enrich our first hand learning experiences. In addition, participants will also consider and design ways of applying the principles and practices of collaborative text study to their own classroom settings.


Another important dimension of the Summer Institute will focus on reflective teaching and learning practices – such as interactive reflection and descriptive processes. These practices complement collaborative text study in that they help broaden and create a healthy learning context in which challenging, supporting and voicing practices can be enacted.

Updated: Apr. 11, 2011