Zemereshet Website– Emergency Project for the Rescue of Classic Hebrew Songs


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The Zemereshet Hebrew website is part of a project dedicated to rescuing classic Hebrew songs from oblivion. The project focuses on Hebrew songs that were composed and written before 1948 and are in danger of being lost and forgotten. A team of volunteers has been at work over the last few years, gathering the words, tunes and recordings of nearly 3000 songs, making them available on the Zemereshet website as a database searchable by names of songs, composers and performers and subject matter. The site also contains a collection of popular and academic articles curated by Professor Shai Burstyn dealing particularly with the historic and cultural aspects of these songs.

The Zemereshet team also organizes public sing – along evenings where lovers of these old Hebrew songs come together and sing for hours.

The website also features Zemereshet radio programs, where the songs are organized by topic and can be played from the site as radio programs.

Updated: May. 11, 2011


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Hi Jill, I forwarded your query to Ms. Ziva Levi one of the founders of Zemereshet. She informed me that although Zemereshet does not presently have an English translation, they hope to find the financial backing to undertake its translation in the future. Thanks for your interest. Reuven Werber
I love the Zemershet Hebrew website but I cannot find an English interface. I would love to make it available to library users but will not be able to if there is no English language access point except this very page