The MOFET JTEC Online Academy for Jewish Studies to Offer Four New Courses in the Upcoming Fall, 2011 Semester


Source: MOFET JTEC Online Academy for Jewish Studies


The MOFET Institute's Online Academy for Jewish Studies will be offering four new online courses for the Fall, 2011 semester. The Academy's main objective is to prepare teachers, educators and leaders in Jewish communities in the Diaspora for their mission. The courses, in areas that are suitable for educators and leaders in the Jewish world as well as students in universities and colleges in the fields of the didactics and pedagogy of teaching Jewish subjects in the Diaspora, are taught via the internet, a-synchronously with synchronous components. The course developers and lecturers are all experts in their fields and senior staff members of Israel's top institutes of higher education.

The new courses to be opened on October 30, 2011 are:

Dilemmas Regarding Teaching 'Israel' in the Diaspora - Prof. Yehuda Bar Shalom - The Jewish educational world faces numerous challenges. One of them concerns the continuous search for optimal ways to teach about Israel in different educational settings. The course will describe up-to-date ways as well as challenges involved in teaching about Israel in the Diaspora.

Our Values after the Holocaust  – Dr. Moshe Shner - In this course we will discuss the universal and Jewish meaning of the Holocaust, the ways it affected our identity, the ways it entered our moral language and ethics and the ways it should be part of our educational work today.


Teaching Narrative in Chumash – a Multifaceted Approach – Dr. Ruth Walfish - This online course seeks to familiarize teachers with the challenges and rewards inherent in teaching Chumash narrative. The course is open to all teachers, in all Jewish school settings, regardless of their varying backgrounds and ideologies. The purpose of the course is twofold: to analyze different stories in the Chumash, and to choose the best ways to teach them.


– Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky - This course is largely “hands-on” with the goal of learning various technological tools for teaching Talmud and Torah She’Baal Peh. The course will focus on both specialized Talmudic applications and free Web 2.0 tools for furthering communication, collaboration, constructivist and project-based learning, and the creation of compelling course content.


These courses join the other Online Academy offerings of 20 courses in 7 different certification programs in the upcoming semester.


Additional information about the Academy program, certificates and registration can be obtained here.

Updated: Aug. 30, 2011