JESNA Webinar on Congegational Education and Whole Person Learning

November 21, 2011

Source: Jewish Education Change Network 


With the new year now underway, we are very happy to announce our first Webinar of 5772, which will take place on Monday, November 21,2011 at 1pm EST. The webinar will feature, Cyd Weissman, Director of Innovation in Congregational Learning at the Jewish Education Project in New York. Cyd has spearheaded the Jewish Education Project’s work with the Coalition of Innovating Congregations and LOMED, a cutting-edge initiative to transform congregational learning. In the Webinar, Cyd will talk about some of the latest work with congregations to nurture “holistic learning.”


For a preview, check out this short video:
The High Five: Jewish Learning that Nurtures the Whole Person .

Updated: Nov. 02, 2011