Haifa University: Students Will be Required to Write Wikipedia Entries

October 26, 2011

Source: NRG Maariv


The Haifa University Faculty of Humanities has decided to require students to write entries in the Hebrew Wikipedia on course material as part of the requirements for completing their courses. This is the first collaboration of its kind in Israel between an academic institution and Wikipedia.


This collaborative effort aims to improve the university students' academic writing ability while raising the academic reliability of the Wikipedia entries. The university students will receive the support of experienced Wikipedia editors to help them complete their assignments and to ensure the compliance of the entries to Wikipedia formats and standards.


In the upcoming academic year, 20 university lecturers and their students will take part in this pilot project. The students' contributions will enrich the quantity of humanities entries in the Hebrew Wikipedia which currently number about 10.000 of 100,000 entries, adding approximately 300 entries by the end of the current school year.

Updated: Nov. 02, 2011