HaYidion: RAVSAK's Journal of Jewish Education - Hebrew Education

May. 21, 2011

Source: Hayidion


This issue of HaYidion is devoted to the Hebrew language, the language of the Jewish people. But with considerations of a living language, one that we want to have our children learn as a way of perpetuating our past, communicating with our brethren, and perhaps, assuring our future. It contains a multiplicity of approaches to a single central subject.

Among the articles in this issue are:

  • Shifting Paradigms in Hebrew Learning and Teaching -Vardit Ringvald
  • We Can Graduate Students Who Know Hebrew - Naomi Stillman
  • Back to the Future: Achieving Hebrew Fluency in the Contemporary Day School - Devora Steinmetz
  • Transforming the Teaching and Learning of Hebrew Language - Amy Bardack
  • Context Makes Hebrew Relevant in Ecuador - Priscila Alvarado and Miriam Cohen
  • Are We Ready for a Standardized Measure of Hebrew Reading? - Scott J. Goldberg and Elana R. Weinberger
  • Assessment for Success - Tova Shimon
  • Tools and Contents in the Online Teaching of Hebrew as a Foreign Language - Luba Charlap
  • This Is Your Brain on Hebrew - Joel M. Hoffman
  • Making the Most of Hebrew Primary Sources: Five Projects -Tal Grinfas-David
  • Returning Literature to the Hebrew Language Curriculum - Yaron Peleg
  • Empowering Middle School Students to Take Ownership of Their Hebrew Learning - Eti Zehavi
Updated: Dec. 06, 2011