A Breakthrough Model for Day Schools?

Nov. 15, 2011

Source: The Jewish Week


Nearly 400 young parents attended an open house recently for a Modern Orthodox yeshiva, planning to open in Bergenfield, N.J., next fall, that will not only offer a bargain-rate tuition but promises to be a model for Jewish education in the 21st century.

The Yeshivat He’atid (Hebrew for “Yeshiva of the Future”, which is expected to open with up to 150 children in pre-kindergarten through second grades, will offer a “blended learning” model, featuring individualized, “project-based” education that combines computers and face-to-face instruction.


He’atid’s model is based on one being adopted by many schools, which are stepping up their use of technology in the classroom, both as a cost-cutting measure and a way of individualizing instruction.


He’atid is offering a $7,990 tuition for pre-K, and $8,990 for K-2, substantially less than most Modern Orthodox day schools.


The Avi Chai Foundation, a major funder of Jewish day school education, is supporting the school with a significant grant while helping other schools launch similar programs. Avi Chai has also created a Digital Jewish Learning Network, which currently enables 18 schools to experiment with online learning, sharing what they learn about choosing the right courses and monitoring students.


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Updated: Dec. 07, 2011