Investigating Practice: Teachers as Researchers

Dec. 20, 2011

Source: Mandel Center Blog


The Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education promotes systematic practitioner research of their teaching by educators and sharing of their findings with the Jewish education community. In the short video presented here, you’ll meet a talented elementary day school teacher, who researched her practice in order to develop a webcase (an online multimedia case study), and a well-respected congregational rabbi, who participated in a project in which he researched his practice in order to produce an article to be published in a forthcoming volume.


As Mandel Center Director Sharon Feiman-Nemser says, “Enabling practitioners to study their work in a systematic way, and to share what they’re learning with a wider audience, is one of the ways that we can tap the expertise of talented teachers and other practitioners, and benefit from their knowledge and their experience.” If we want to add to the knowledge base on teaching and learning in Jewish education, we need to take advantage of the insightful inquiries of those who know the most about it.

Updated: Dec. 25, 2011