Jewish Jamboree (Limmud) Breaks Attendance Record in UK

Dec. 29, 2011

Source: Jerusalem Post


This year, a record number of nearly 2,500 people from places as far and wide as Shanghai and Cape Town, New York and Budapest came to the Limmud conference at Warwick University between December 23 – 29, 2011 to take part in nearly 1000 talks, lectures and workshops on all things Jewish. They chose from over 20 sessions taking place simultaneously, encompassing everything from lectures on the connection between Spinoza and the Kotzker Rebbe to Scottish-Jewish folk dancing workshops.

Among the sessions at the Limmud conference were:

  • The Eichmann Trial: Its Significance and Impact - Deborah Lipstadt
  • Engagement and Disengagement - the Future of Religion in the Land of Israel - Tzvia Greenfield, David Hazony, Anat Hoffman
  • Faith, Doubt and the Road Ahead: Struggling with Our Judaism - Nathan Lopes Cardozo, Elliott Malamet
  • What's Going on in US Politics? Issues that Unite and Divide US Jews - Marvin Feuer, Wayne L Firestone, Ellen Flax, Shuly Schwartz
  • Farming and Gardening with Jewish Agricultural Laws: Visions of a Sustainable World - Simcha Schwartz
  • Informal Jewish Education in the UK 2012 - What Are the New Challenges? - Andrew Gilbert, Shelley Marsh

Many excellent artistic/entertainment sessions were also enjoyed by the participants.

A selection of recorded Limmud sessions can be viewed here.

Updated: Jan. 10, 2012