Web Tools for Jewish Formal and Informal Experiential Education


Source: HaYidion


This article describes a model for the integration of formal and informal experiential education in new technological platforms - Jewish Integrated Experiential Education, or JIEE. Educational technology can be summarized with five Cs: Connectivity, Communication, Collaboration, Creative Expression, and Customization. It describes each of these elements and offers specific examples of how digital applications can be employed.


The authors conclude:

The rubric or “keys” to educational technology described in this article have been described individually as a means of simplifying a vast and growing field for novice technology users.


The five Cs, Connectivity, Communication, Collaboration, Creative Expression, and Customization, are rarely found in isolation. The beauty of these tools lies in the connective capacity of Web 2.0. The social networks, communication platforms, knowledge and media storage applications, collaborative tools, media creation devices, and supportive technologies frequently mix together to form what is called the Personal Learning Network (PLN). A PLN launched in the context of a Jewish school has the capacity to grow and endure throughout the student’s lifetime.


Appropriate application of this technology, as through a Jewish Integrated Experiential Education program, can have a multiplier effect on the educational efforts of the school and the individual. We have the opportunity for learning that is unbound by geography, unfettered by limited budgets, and unchained from traditional textbooks. It is an exciting prospect as long as we can continue to respond to the questioners in the same way that Rabbi Akiva did, with consistent clarity of purpose: that of delivering effective Jewish education rooted in Jewish values and tradition."


The entire article may be viewed in RAVSAK's HaYidion.

Updated: Feb. 06, 2012