Chabad Linking Students From Caracas To Beijing

May 1, 2012

Source: The New York Jewish Week 


Julie Wiener writes about 505 students enrolled in the first and only fully online Jewish day school in the world, The Chabad-Lubavich's Shluchim Online School. Students, ranging from
pre-K through ninth grade, log in for as many as five hours of live Judaic studies each weekday, interacting via videoconference, text chat and by “writing” on the electronic classroom’s whiteboard. At any one time, participants can see five classmates and the teacher on their screens.


While they live in 36 different countries, Shluchim students share a common background: all are the children of “shluchim,” the Jewish outreach emissaries that the Chabad-Lubavitch movement dispatches to virtually every corner of the globe.


Operated out of the movement’s Shluchim Office in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, but staffed by teachers all over the world, the school offers a Jewish education and social environment for the children of emissaries, many of them in remote locations that lack any Jewish day school, let alone a Chabad one.


The Chabad Online school is one of very few to actually cut education costs and connect between excellent teachers and their students around the world.


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Updated: May. 13, 2012