Technology Leading the Way to Lower-cost Day School Education

March 29, 2012

Source: JTA


Josh Lipowsky writes about how the US day school tuition crisis has spurred a search for new options and given rise to a new breed of day schools where technology and blended learning - mixing traditional classroom learning with online education - are reducing costs. There are at least eight blended learning schools that either opened this year or plan to open next year, from California and Texas to Maryland and Massachusetts.


Integrating technology by blended learning has allowed schools to save money by cutting back on faculty and administration costs such as paper and textbooks.


Tuition savings at the lower-cost schools can range from 30 percent to 40 percent on the elementary level and 50 percent or more in high school. The schools focus on a mix of technology and volunteerism to keep costs down.


The AVI CHAI Foundation has provided grants to three blended learning schools. The concept has started drawing attention from other funders, too.


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Updated: May. 02, 2012