RealSchool: Self-Directed, Collaborative and Experiential Learning

June 20, 2012

Source: Jewish Education Change Network


RealSchool is a club run by Tikvah Wiener at The Frisch School that uses the Whole Person Learning approach. The club has students engage in experiential, self-directed and collaborative learning by having each member choose an interest he/she has and then develop that interest in a way that benefits the larger community.


This past school year,  RealSchool teams were started in App Making, The Arts, Finance, Journalism, Marketing, Nutrition, Religious Identity, Social Entrepreneurship, and Web Design. Those teams created many different types of activities not only for themselves but for the larger school and local community. Those activities included:

  • an art exhibit on self-image
  • a totally student-made Yom Iyun
  • a three-day, pre-Shavuot program called Detox for the Decalogue that focused on physical, mental and spiritual health.

Visit their RealSchool blog and RealSchool Facebook Page, both of which track the club's activities as well as innovations, particularly in education, that  are compelling and that are changing the way they think, teach and learn.

Updated: Jul. 15, 2012