New Free Tzedakah Curriculum Made Available by AJWS


Source: Where Do You Give?


Recently, American Jewish World Service released its first-ever school curriculum, entitled Where Do You Give? A Tzedakah Curriculum. A Tzedakah Curriculum is filled with original, innovative and interactive materials that challenge students to think carefully and intentionally about tzedakah. This is going to change the way the Jewish community thinks about giving, and AJWS is thrilled to be able to share it with you!


AJWS’s first-ever school curriculum will allow educators to:

  • Empower communities to claim their own tzedakah priorities in connection with contemporary issues that matter to them
  • Be on the cutting edge by integrating social media with Jewish text, history, culture and values
  • Get the tools that work with flexible resources to meet your community’s specific needs
  • Create lasting change by bringing young voices into a national conversation about tzedakah

Getting the Tzedakah Curriculum is completely free at AJWS' new Education Portal

Updated: Aug. 07, 2012