Groundbreaking Women’s Study Group Celebrates Completion of Entire Talmud

August 9, 2012

Source: eJewish Philanthropy


Almost a hundred women gathered in a demonstrably emotional ceremony to celebrate the group’s completion of the Talmud by learning the last page of Talmud together and then establish their commitment to continuing the cycle again by starting with the first page. In all, close to 25 women are currently learning in Matan’s Daf Yomi group. Twelve women have actually completed the entire cycle, taught in total by 30 women instructors – many of them “homegrown” in Matan’s Talmud program.


Leah Granof Geffen writes about this relatively small ceremony in Jerusalem that is being hailed in some circles as a truly remarkable achievement: the first ever exclusively women’s group to complete an entire Daf Yomi cycle.


When Matan (an institution dedicated to furthering high level learning among Jewish women, particularly through its Advanced Talmud Program) founder, Malke Bina was first approached by the Advanced Talmud Program’s director, Yardena Cope-Yosef eight years ago to start a Daf Yomi group, she doubted its ability to succeed.To her delight, last week’s ceremony proved her wrong.


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Updated: Aug. 28, 2012