Forum for the Future

Winter, 2012

Source: Reform Judaism Magazine


In this Reform Judaism Magazine Symposium, 20s and 30s speak candidly about what young adults want and need to find their home in the Jewish community. Historian and Brandeis University professor Jonathan Sarna sets the stage, shedding light on what history can teach us about the challenge of engaging the next generation of Jews and what to make of young Jewish leaders who are questioning and disrupting the establishment.



  • Forum for the Future: Home Shuling
    by David Cygielman
    "My generation may not be willing to take on the established infrastructure."
  • Forum for the Future: Rebooting Judaism
    by Yoav Schlesinger
    "Our needs are not met by belonging; they're met by experiencing."
  • Forum for the Future: Reviving the Tribe
    by Rebecca Missel
    "How many times can a young person go to synagogue alone and be ignored?"
  • Forum for the Future: Knowing Thy Community
    by David Gerber
    "Young adults want to be around others who share their passions."

  • Forum for the Future: Bar(chu) Hopping
    by Josh Nelson
    "We want prayer experiences in and of the moment."
  • Forum for the Future: Pitching to Parents
    by Sarah Lefton
    “Where can parents of a 3-year-old learn at the same time?"

  • Forum for the Future: The Discontinuity of Continuity
    by Jonathan Sarna
    What history can teach us about engaging the next generation of Jews.
  • Forum for the Future: Fitting In
    by Kate Bigam
    "I'm scared to encounter congregants who see visiting young adults as fresh meat."
  • Forum for the Future: We Need Welcoming
    by Joanna Brinton
    "Some of my friends will not attend a Jewish event alone. Facebook can help."
Updated: Nov. 06, 2012