Technology and Jewish Education

Autumn 2012

Source: CONTACT, Volume 15, Issue 1


The autumn, 2012 CONTACT is devoted to Technology and Jewish Education. Articles in this issue explore the issue of technology and Jewish education from a wide array of angles, from the philosophical to the pragmatic, from the global to the individual. At their core, they share an excitement for bringing ancient Jewish wisdom and experience into a new century of possibility and wonder. Their knowledge and insights can help to revitalize the age-old Jewish ardor for education — which can, in turn, help to revitalize the Jewish community as a whole.


The issue contains the following articles:

Islands Of Value in A Rapidly Changing World
Avi Warshavski

21st Century Jewish Education
Jon Mitzmacher

Advancing Excellence in Hebrew Language Education
Ronald D. Liebowitz and Michael Geisler

Technology and Hebrew Learning
Yoel and Orly Ganor

An Agenda for Jewish Games For Learning
Rabbi Owen Gottlieb

It's The Student!
Eli Kannai

A First Look at Online And Blended Learning in Jewish Day Schools
Yossi Prager

Kvelling and Community
Deborah Kolben

Working With Communities to Sustain School Leadership Development
Esther Feldman

Opening the Source of Jewish Literary Wisdom
Brett Lockspeiser and Joshua Foer

Updated: Dec. 04, 2012