Registration Opens for the Ninth MOFET JTEC Seminar in Israel for Spanish Speaking Diaspora Community Leaders – Summer, 2013

June 4-19, 2013

Source: MOFET JTEC Spanish Language Israel Leadership Seminar


MOFET JTEC will be conducting its ninth special leadership seminar in Israel for leaders of Jewish institutions in Spanish speaking-countries. The 15-day program on June 4-19, 2013, will include study visits, workshops and conferences which will broaden the knowledge and experience of those working in Jewish education, and community leadership, thus empowering them in fulfilling their daily functions in their respective Jewish institutions.


Seminar Themes

Narratives of leadership, Jewish/Israeli models of leadership, remembrance of the Shoah, birth of Zionism, the circle of Jewish life, Israel's relations with the Diaspora, the place of Israel among Diaspora Jews, the sociological structure of Israeli society and the position of Israel in the Middle East


Seminar Staff

Expert teachers from educational academic institutions and various Israeli universities will present the various themes according to the seminary curriculum. Seminar participants will also meet with key figures of the country's political, educational and social leadership.


Seminar Educational Activities:

The seminar utilizes varied educational techniques, adapted to the needs of each group: including lectures, workshops, field trips and social events. All activities serve to create an enjoyable interactive and productive learning experience.


Learning Materials:

A wealth of learning materials will be used in the seminar, including historical texts, films and artistic media, digital resources, relevant Internet websites, and creative workshops.


For more information and registration visit the Seminar web page or contact Mrs Michla Shahar.

Updated: Mar. 12, 2013