Hazon Food Conference - Torah of Food

May 17-19, 2013

Source: Torah of Food 


Join Hazon for the weekend after Shavuot, May 17-19, 2013 for a Hazon Food Conference-inspired weekend, Torah of Food, that will fill up your senses with the first fruits of the season, and the finest fruits of Torah learning. The gathering will be held at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, Falls Village, CT.


With guest chefs, rabbis, and educators to guide us, we’ll delve into the world of food in the Torah, and the Torah of food in the world. Programming will include text study, farm tours, cooking demos, permaculture workshops and lively Shabbat services.


The program includes:

  • An Adamah Farm Tour, a Cooking Demo with Chef Michael Solomonov text-study with Professor Gary Rendsburg - How many questions? Why these questions? Why these foods?
  • A keynote panel with Professor Gary Rendsburg, Rabbi Mary Zamore, Chef Michael Solomonov and Nigel Savage
  • A shabbat-friendly cooking demo with Chef Levana Kirschenbaum
  • The Mussar of Food & Eating, or, Why Is It So Hard to Live a Conscious Life All of the Time? with Mindy Shapiro
  • How is a Person like an Ox?: Honoring the physical labor that produces our food, with Aviva Richman
  • Olive Oil, Anointing and Ecstasy: Revisiting an Ancient Environment, with Jonathan Schorsh
  • The Shmita Cooking Challenge with Chef Levana Kirschenbaum and Shmita Project Manager, Yigal Deutcher
  • Mannah, matzah & challah – Yeast & local eating, with Rabbi Mary Zamore
  • Women at Work: Making Bread in Ancient Israel, with Professor Gary Rendsburg
Updated: Apr. 29, 2013