Yad Vashem Introduces Online Course on Holocaust Education for Elementary School Ages

May 27-September 16, 2013

Source: Yad Vashem


The International School for Holocaust Studies of Yad Vashem has announced the opening of a new online course for Israeli teachers: "Holocaust Education for Elementary School Ages". This new course focuses on the pedagogical philosophy for teaching the Holocaust, developed at the International School for Holocaust Studies. The course will run from May 27 to September 16, 2013.


After familiarizing the students with its core concepts, we proceed to exercise implementation within the broader elementary-school ages (ages 5-6 through 12-13) using books and teaching aids used at the International School for Holocaust Studies. Teachers who have completed the course can expect to have a concrete methodological approach in hand for teaching the Holocaust to younger students.


The Course is recognized for gmul hishtalmut (60 hours + grade) for Israeli teachers – and will begin May 27th, 2013, ending September 16th, 2013. The course consists of 13 lessons and assignments - uploaded, and due, every week – as well as a final assignment. Israeli teachers are required to attend two day-seminars, which will take place July 2nd and September 16th, 2013.

Updated: May. 07, 2013