Foundation for Jewish Camp Releases Preliminary Research on Special Needs in Jewish Overnight Camp

May 2, 2013

Source: eJewish Philanthropy


The Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) has unveiled key findings from a survey - interviews mapping current, potential, and desired services available to children with emotional, intellectual, and physical disabilities at nonprofit Jewish overnight camps across North America. It found that while the field is making progress in the types and amounts of services offered, there is still more to be done.


According to the survey, the field of Jewish camp is currently serving roughly 2,500 children with special needs and physical disabilities. While the numbers are encouraging and larger than earlier estimated, few camps are equipped to serve children with very involved disabilities or physical restrictions. Many more camps are serving children in this population than are advertising to the public through their websites and marketing materials. In fact, 36% of camps offer unique programs for children with special needs and/or physical disabilities and 55% of camps have a designated staff member (part-time or full-time) to oversee these campers.


The study showed that overwhelmingly (93%) of parents of campers with disabilities/special needs who attend Jewish camp are satisfied/extremely satisfied with their overall experience.

The survey spoke to 828 parents, campers, camp directors and staff from 124 Jewish camps throughout the United States and Canada.

Updated: May. 07, 2013