HaYidion: RAVSAK's Journal of Jewish Education - Tefillah

Spring, 2013

Source: HaYidion, Spring, 2013


This issue of HaYidion focuses on prayer, tefillah. The authors in this issue struggle with the fact that prayer in school is often rote, devoid of meaning, emotionless, irrelevant to the pray-ers. They analyze the causes of the impoverishment of what should be a transcendent experience, and they offer creative and often passionate suggestions for the enhancement of the prayer experience. Their analyses are cogent and enlightening, and offer meaningful pathways to enhance and enrich davening.

Among the articles in this issue are:

  • Cain’s Prayer and Abel’s Prayer: Struggling with the Challenge of School Tefillah - Elyasaf Tel-Or Sternberg
  • Teaching for Prayer - Moshe J. Yeres
  • A Vision of Tefillah Education - James Jacobson-Maisels
  • The Problem of Prayer in Orthodox Yeshivot - Chana Tanenbaum
  • What We Can Learn from Prayer in Christian Schools - Sarah Levy
  • Prayer in Dialogue with Tanakh: A Novel Approach to Tefillah Education - Elie Kaunfer
  • Tefillah: Poetry of the Sublime - Elliott Rabin
  • Meaningful Prayer: Focus on the Goal - Mark Stolovitsky
  • Reimagining Prayer - Susan Wall and Judy Markose
  • A Week of Tefillah Moments - Harry Pell
  • Student Prayers for Sandy Hook - Brandeis Hillel Day School, San Francisco
  • Storytelling: Inspiration for Kavannah - Israel (Billy) Lewkowicz
  • Prayer in a Newly Merged School - Cheryl Maayan
  • Creating Community through Tefillah, Tefillah through Community – Aytan Kadden
  • Iyyun Tefillah Through the Eyes of Inquiry - Suzanne Messinger and Beth Fine
  • Supporting Minyan Leaders - Reuven Margrett
  • The Real Estate of Tefillah - Yaakov Green
Updated: Jun. 04, 2013