Innovation Mindsets for Successful Schools

Summer, 2013

Source: HaYidiyon


I would like to suggest that in order to address these pivotal questions, and ensure that our community’s schools are nourishing and challenging the next generation of committed, engaged, inspired Jews, we must embrace certain core mindsets that will allow us to continue to adapt and grow to meet the next generation’s changing needs. These mindsets, culled from the latest thinking in the entrepreneurial innovation sector, are crucial in ensuring that the next generations of Jews will be given the opportunity to become sophisticated, knowledgeable, and passionate about their Judaism, and also prepared for a rigorous life in the 21st century.


Seven Innovation Mindsets for Successful Schools

  • Focus and Passion
  • Profound Optimism
  • Listen to the People and Collaborate
  • Be Creative
  • Be Patient
  • Failure is Educative
  • Stay Lean: Experiment, and Learn

I hope that Jewish day schools will explore some of their best practices, and transform them to create Jewish educational experiences that genuinely challenge and nurture, inspire and enrich, all those who seek a Jewish education. I believe that we should focus our energies on creating educational environments that are exciting and collaborative, in which teachers guide learning processes, and students are involved in shaping the direction and timbre of the learning. We should seek pedagogic methodologies that prepare students to be active participants in society, and that help them weave connections between their Jewish learning and their actions in the world. I envision a future in which our students bring their curiosity, interpretive skills, desire, and courage to make an effective, positive and lasting impact, deeply embedded in core Jewish values, on the world at large.


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Updated: Jun. 04, 2013