Children of Falashmura Olim Absorbed in Kibbutz Saad's Elementary School

June 12, 2012

Source: YNET


Children of Olim from Ethiopia of the Falashmura Community who recently immigrated, have been absorbed in the Daat elementary school of the religious Kibbutz Saad in the Negev Region.


Yechezkel Landau, schoolmaster of the Daat School, said they had received short notice before the arrival of the immigrant children, which was used for meetings with school staff, students and parents, in order to prepare them for the national mission of absorbing immigrants and their integration into the school.


The teachers met with Ethiopian students who came to Israel at the age of two, and with a social worker who told of her experience in working with Ethiopian Olim. The students of the middle school teachers met with a college student at the Sapir College, who had served as an emissary of the Jewish Agency to immigrants in Gondar. In addition, all teachers held preparatory talks with their students in their classrooms.


"As a result of the preparation, the fourth and fifth grade Olim were nicely received at school," says Landau, "and you can see the old students and new immigrants playing together daily at recess."


Updated: May. 29, 2013