Jewish Day School Financial Sustainability and Affordability

Jan. 02, 2014

Source: Jewish Funders Network


This Jewish Day School Financial Sustainability and Affordability Greenbook is designed to raise the tenor of the conversation regarding Jewish day school financial sustainability and affordability by articulating the challenge, offering background information, and sketching a landscape of initiatives. The Greenbook may be read either from cover to cover or as a collection of independent chapters. If you’d like an overview of all the various initiatives currently in the field, work your way through the chapters. If you are specifically interested in an individual type of initiative, begin there.


Goals of this book

This book aims to fuel and inform the increasingly urgent conversation surrounding day school sustainability and affordability with an eye towards finding pragmatic solutions. To do so, the book offers funders:

  • A survey of past, present and possible initiatives that address the challenges of day school sustainability and affordability;
  • A catalyst to the sharing and creating of innovative ideas with other funders, lay leaders and practitioners;
  • A menu of opportunities to leverage investments in the financial sustainability and affordability of Jewish day schools; and
  • Links and citations to other resources, further information and deeper research. Resources and citations are also listed at the end of each chapter.
Updated: Jan. 15, 2014