Tech Lets Viewers Take a Custom Interactive Video Tour of Israel

February 12, 2014

Source: Start-Up Israel


An Israeli start-up, Interlude, is putting its interactive video platform to work for the Israel Ministry of Tourism. A new interactive video by the Ministry presents potential visitors to Israel with a full range of Israel tour experiences, all in a five minute video. Tourism Minister Uzi Landau introduced the video Wednesday at the International Mediterranean Tourism Market, going on this week in Tel Aviv. Using Interlude’s platform, the video offers viewers dozens of itineraries by making interactive selections as the video plays.


The video, called Discover Israel, features a visitor to Israel named John (his nationality is not specified, nor is his religious background) going around Israel with three people – Ronni, a tour guide; Amit, a young man he meets on the plane; and Sharon, a female Israeli friend. The three are stand-ins for the different experiences Israel offers visitors, with Ronni taking John around to historical and religious sites (Masada, the Western Wall, Via Dolorosa, etc.), Sharon enjoying Israel’s “good life” options (hotels, beaches, The Dead Sea, etc.), and Amit showing off Israeli options for an active vacation (snorkeling in Eilat, windsurfing in the Mediterranean, etc.)


At the beginning of the video, the viewer has John choose one of the three companions for a day of adventure, touring, or relaxation, depending on who was chosen. Each instance of the video features three or four activities, with footage of Israelis enjoying themselves, along with interesting tourism factoids. After each segment, users can choose another scenario (for example, after leaving the Kotel with Ronni, you can choose the Western Wall Tunnels or the Church of the Holy Sepulcher). Replaying the video gives you a whole new set of options. Altogether, the video provides 72 touring options, the Ministry said. The video cost NIS 687,000 ($195,000) to make, most of that in filming and production costs for the video itself.


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Updated: Mar. 02, 2014