What Jewish Educational Leaders Need to Know About Online Education

Spring, 2014

Source: Jewish Educational Leadership. Spring 2014 (12:2) pages 7-10


Chana German, the founding director of the Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy, presents theoretical underpinnings of online education along with a practical guide for day school teachers and school leaders, providing some basic knowledge for educators and administrators considering adopting online Jewish education into their schools.


She concludes: "Done poorly, online education is the monotonous, simplistic, and often ineffective transmission of information, with little or no teacher guidance. Done well, online education involves flexible, responsive, and reflective learning with meaningful teacher-student interaction. Administrators are beginning to introduce online education into Jewish day schools for a host of reasons. But whatever the motivation, it is incumbent upon the decision makers to critically appraise the available online courses to ensure that their educational quality complements the rigor of the school’s current instructional program."


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Updated: Jul. 22, 2014