CASJE Jewish Educational Leadership Research Initiative


Source: CASJE 


The CASJE Jewish Educational Leadership Research Initiative aims to inspire, support, and coordinate applied research using sound and rigorous methodologies and clear, coherent conceptual frameworks. Such studies will build on other work both from general educational studies and from within Jewish education. They will result in findings and data to be used by stakeholders in Jewish education as well as other researchers. These stakeholders include educators and funders, program developers and policymakers, professionals, trainers and lay leaders. Over time, a series of studies that are integrated and replicated can inform the development, training, practice, improvement efforts and impact of Jewish educational leaders and leadership in day school settings.


CASJE has set aside a total of $650,000 for a comprehensive program of research over a maximum period of five years ($100,000-$200,000 per year), to addressing the following priorities:

  • The extent, and way in which, Jewish educational leaders and their leadership, influence Jewish and general educational outcomes in Jewish Day Schools
  • The relationship between training and development of Jewish day schools leaders and (a) changes in their practices, and (b) student outcomes, both Jewish and general.

For more information and full RFP see the Jewish Educational Leadership Research Initiative webpage

Updated: Oct. 22, 2014