70 Days for 70 Years


Source: 70 Days for 70 Years


In January 25, 2015, the 70 Days for 70 Years  project will begin worldwide, marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, engaging hundreds of thousands of Jews in an uplifting educational and memorial programme across the globe. Participants can obtain a copy of a specially published book of 70 inspirational essays written by internationally renowned educators, historians and scholars (or view them on the project website) - to be read, one a day. In addition, each participant will receive a memorial card giving the details of one victim of the Holocaust who they will learn in memory of (information provided by Yad Vashem).


During these 70 Days and beyond there will be a variety of events and activities to further engage and empower participants both within communities and online. During the project the ‘70 Days for 70 Years’ website - will have additional materials relating to the essays and it will also list all the events and activities that are being organised by communities for the project.


Our dream is for every Jewish community worldwide to take part in this project, for every victim to be remembered and for every participant to strengthening their own Jewish knowledge and identity and build the future.


At this difficult time in world affairs where we are seeing a rise in extremism across the globe and a significant rise in antisemitism, the message of the ‘70 Days’ project is clear – That, as Jews, we should be proud and knowledgeable about our heritage and history and stand up for our community wherever we see persecution and injustice.

Updated: Feb. 05, 2015