Israel Clicks!


Source: The Jewish Education Center of Cleveland


Israel Clicks! was designed as an experiment by The Jewish Education Center of Cleveland - a way to offer resources to teens and young adults in the wake of the summer 2014 conflict between Israel and Hamas. There's a confusing "buzz" on campus and in the streets ... we thought a compendium of resources might help. The links and information provided on this site are not comprehensive - we were limited by what we found on the web AND by our own sense of being a "critical consumer of information."


We looked for information that came from generally mainstream sources (e.g., CNN, Honest Reporting, Reuters), as compared to individuals or groups we didn't think were vetted (e.g., something like, "View from the Sky Reporting"). Everything has bias, we know that ... and we admit to choosing items with a bias that we felt comfortable with, though we tried to stay away from items that could be more clearly labeled "propaganda." Hopefully, what we chose will provoke our readers/viewers to go in search of additional information. All items posted have "publish dates" on them, though they are not necessarily posted in chronological order; we were more interested in a semi-logical progression that helped a reader gain some answers to each page's organizing question.


We are open to posting more pages to "Israel Clicks!!" And we're actually hoping that some industrious students and/or young adults might work on answering their own questions ... and sharing.


Among the questions addressed are:

  • What happened between Israel & Hamas in summer 2014?
  • This summer, why were the injuries and deaths so imbalanced?
  • Is Israel Occupying the Gaza Strip?
  • Is Israel an Apartheid State?
  • The call for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel (BDS)

In addition to resources relating to specific questions, Israel Clicks! Hosts a rich page of links to general resources.

Updated: Feb. 05, 2015