SEDER2015: Digital Platform to Invigorate Passover


Source: Schusterman Foundation


A year ago we read a troubling statistic: Within the past 20 years the attendance at Passover Seders has decreased by 25-30% in the US. This equals a million less people gathering around the Seder table each year. Across the globe we have noticed the tragic loss of so many important casual and ceremonial gatherings in recent decades.


With that in mind we started down a very old path, to ignite a multi-generational inquiry into the Passover holiday. Working to combine the best in digital technology with this ancient dinner.


For 2000 years Rabbis and lay people have been questioning and re-forming the most quintessential Jewish tradition - Passover - such that it resonated with the people of the day.


For SEDER 2015 we have gathered an extraordinary group of scholars, universities, rabbis, artists, media outlets, activists, and Jewish leaders to embark on a several year journey to understand the importance of Passover - allowing the wisdom of this tradition to illuminate the current world we live in. With your help we will launch in mid March, 2015 - and give you many tools; to bring new folks to the Seder table, deepen existing family traditions, and create one of if not the most extensive online resource for the Passover holiday.


Expect beautifully designed new Haggadot, a detailed history of Passover, brilliant recipes from leading chefs, profound and hilarious passover anecdotes, guidelines for hosting a modern seder, and new ways to understand the traditional Passover songs, all designed for a dynamic and responsive user experience for web and mobile.


The funds are going directly to our web designers and the artists we are working with to create SEDER 2015.


Every dollar you give to this campaign will be generously matched by the Schusterman Foundation!


Learn more about SEDER 2015 here.

Updated: Feb. 19, 2015