Hebrew College Hosts 7th Annual GISHA Conference on Inclusion in Jewish Education

March 15-16, 2015

Source: Hebrew College

At a time when inclusion in Jewish Education is such an important topic for schools, synagogues, camps, classroom teachers, Hebrew College is hosting the 7th annual GISHA conference entitled ‘Excellence in Jewish Education: Inclusion’ on March 15-16 2015 at Hebrew College in Newton, Mass. As the rate of special learning needs identification increases and we all feel the responsibility to accommodate our families’ needs, this is a timely moment to participate with educational colleagues in learning more about the importance of inclusion, accommodation and special learning needs.

Keynote speaker is Dr. Yonni Schwab from the Shefa School in New York City that exemplifies a new model of accommodation. There will be a special dramatic performance of a play about an autistic child followed by an educational reflection on the issues presented. This year’s prestigious S’ftai Tiftach award goes to Jay Ruderman of the Ruderman Foundation, who has done so much to promote the idea that excellence in Jewish Education should be accessible to all. Participate in workshops, professional development opportunities, learning sessions with great colleagues and friends all dedicated to inclusion in Hebrew and Jewish Education.

Participants may choose from 25 exciting workshops with diverse topics such as:

  • Using technology in the classroom to meet all learners in Jewish educational settings
  • Developing effective teacher/family communication
  • Helping students develop important social skills, and
  • Providing quality professional communities of practice to support educations in inclusive settings
  • Interactive and differentiated techniques to teach Hebrew
  • How to help your students reduce stress and test anxiety
  • Multi-sensory approaches to teaching prayer and Hebrew College
  • Teaching student with Dyslexia in the classroom (both in day schools and supplemental Hebrew school settings).
Updated: Feb. 25, 2015