Israeli Schools across the Country Participate in National Emergency Drill

June 2, 2015

Source: Israel Ministry of Education


The Israeli school system participated today in the National Emergency Drill, "Turning Point 15", by evacuating classrooms and practicing safe exit to predesignated protected spaces. The drill opened with the sounding of alarms at 11:05 AM in all educational institutions throughout the country, while teachers were involved in regular learning activities in their classrooms. The drill simulated massive missile fire on Israel's home front.


Israel's educational system works all year round to increase student & teacher preparedness for proper behavior in time of emergency. The Ministry of Education emphasizes that preparedness and drilling in routine situations are the key to effective coping in time of real emergencies.


During the week of the emergency drill, schools practice using their emergency distance learning systems on internet platforms. The distance learning systems are geared to allow online learning and communications during periods when students cannot get to their schools for periods of a few days or even weeks. The schools run online classrooms through their school web sites, allowing teachers to communicate with their students and carry on online learning and social activities for the duration of the emergency. The Ministry of Education also operates a National Emergency Distance Learning web site with numerous resources and learning activities for students, teachers and administrators.

Updated: Jun. 10, 2015