HaYidion: RAVSAK's Journal of Jewish Education: Excellence

Summer 2015

Source: HaYidion – Summer 2015


"Excellence" is a goal to which many, if not all, day schools subscribe. This issue of Hayidion provides perspectives on this elusive term, offering diverse notions of what day school excellence means and looks like, and suggesting pathways and structures for schools to achieve excellence. Each school must define what excellence means for its community and how excellence relates to the other values in the school's mission.

Among the articles in this issue are:

  • Building Schoolwide Innovation: Two Critical Planes - Grant Lichtman
  • Excellent Questions for Excellent Schools – Amy L. Sales
  • Taking Creativity Seriously – Tikvah Wiener
  • The Qualities of Excellence in Leadership - Or Mars and Jay Henry Moses
  • When We Strive for Excellence, What Do We Lose? - Dr. Rona Novick
  • Significance, Not Just Excellence - Lee Buckman
  • Taking Control: Defining Academic Excellence - Barbara Gereboff
  • Recognizing Teacher Excellence – Cooki Levi
  • From the Board: Excellent Leadership as Co-leadership - Rebekah Farber
  • Surprising Insights Into Excellence - Barbara Davis, Executive Editor
  • Badges of Excellence in Professional Development - Sarah Blattner and Samuel Abramovich
  • Cultivating Pedagogic Excellence in Teachers - Amy Golubtchik Ament, Yael Adler Bailey, Nina Bruder, and Fayge Safra
  • Why Fix What Ain’t Broke? Striving for Excellence in Hebrew Education - Tal Grinfas-David, Idit BenDavid, and Liat Kadosh
  • Seven Lessons in Pursuit of Board Excellence - Orlee Turitz
  • Equal Opportunity Excellence: Enrichment Education for All - Questions for Seth Cohen
  • The New Excellence Through Online Learning – Eli Kanai
  • Scaling Up Excellence in Jewish Day Schools - Samantha Pack and Y. Boruch Sufrin
  • The Excellence of the Jewish People: Past, Present and Future - Interview with Gidi Grinstein
  • When Academic Excellence Isn’t Enough - Jane Martin
  • Seeking Excellence: Partnering with Universities - Lynn Raviv
  • The Shalom Room - Mary Grace Lentz
  • Broadcasting Excellence - Alan Rusonik
  • Student Leadership and Advocacy for Israel - Dr. Laurence Kutler
Updated: Jun. 17, 2015