The Jewish Lens Curriculum




The Jewish Lens is a comprehensive curriculum for middle and high school students. The learning program uses the work of renowned photographer Zion Ozeri as a stimulus for exploring Jewish values, identity, and tradition. Ozeri's photographs capture the unity and diversity of the world's Jewish community - reflecting the values and traditions that have defined Jewish existence around the world for centuries.


By analyzing and discussing Ozeri's work, students make important links between the images, key Jewish values, and traditional Jewish texts. Students also conduct research to learn more about the diverse Jewish communities reflected in Ozeri's photos. They then focus on their own communities - documenting their communal values on film and curating on-site exhibits of their work. The project culminates with an exhibition that ties together the work of students from all participating schools.


The Jewish Lens Curriculum is presently used in 80 middle- and high schools in America and in Israel.

Updated: Apr. 30, 2008