The Global Day of Jewish Learning 2015 - November 15

November 15, 2015

Source: Aleph Society 


The Global Day of Jewish Learning, a project of the Aleph Society and Rabbi Adin Steinzaltz, is one day a year in which over 500 communities will study a common theme. It reaches every corner of the Jewish world, with communities from over 40 countries on six continents participating and brings Jews of all backgrounds together in a day of study. We believe it is the largest world-wide community study of Jewish texts. This year’s Global Day is Sunday, November 15, 2015. This Year’s theme is “Love: Devotion, Desire and Deception.”


The Global Day of Jewish Learning is meant to imbue an appreciation for the texts that define us, and to inspire hope in the commonalities that unite us. Guided by the values of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz – that Jewish texts should be available to all Jews, that the Torah belongs to us all – the Global Day will remind us that although we may be dispersed across the globe, we shall always stand together. The Global Day is dedicated to the life and legacy of Ralph I. Goldman z”l.

Bring Jewish learning to where YOU are and enrich the lives of community members. Our new curriculum makes it easy to plan your Global Day event!


To make it easy for you to hold a learning session on the Global Day, each year we publish a curriculum of lesson plans addressing the current Global Day theme. Each year communities cite the Global Day Curriculum as a valuable tool in creating a successful program. The curriculum is available free of charge to registered communities in the Toolbox.


Register to organize a Global Day event and get exclusive access to the new curriculum “Love: Devotion, Desire and Deception.”


Our mission is to unite the Jewish people through learning our shared texts and to spark a love for Jewish learning, furthering Rabbi Steinsaltz’s mission —“Let My People Know.”

The curriculum is the core resource we provide for Global Day programming. It is comprised of eight text-based classes, with facilitator guides and source sheets. There are units for adults and one each for middle school and elementary school. Our primary focus is adult learning, with the children’s units intended to make community programming possible for all ages. The curriculum is designed to be accessible to people with limited experience learning, while also being thought-provoking for those with significant learning experience, and to be relevant regardless of denomination. The curriculum seeks to explore essential questions and prompt discussion, helping participants see text study as relevant to and meaningful in their lives.

The curriculum is made available in English, Russian, Hebrew and Spanish. All adult units also contain an excerpt from the teachings of Rabbi Steinsaltz.

The PJ Library partners with us to provide book-based early childhood/family programming on the theme.

24×24 is a free video learning resource open to everyone, created by The Global Day of Jewish Learning with the generous participation of world-class scholars, artists, rabbis and authors.

On November 15, 2015 viewers around the world will be able to learn, LIVE! Sessions are broadcast from both in-person events and web-based gatherings. Speakers will engage with this year’s Global Day theme of Love: Devotion, Desire and Deception. Viewers will be able to ask questions of the speakers and engage with their fellow far-flung viewers, live on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Rabbi Steinsaltz’s mission is to “Let My People Know”, and he has committed his life’s work to making Jewish texts more accessible. 24×24 propels this vision forward in a digital age. To make this possible we are using Google Hangouts on Air. Google generously allows not-for-profit organizations free use of this platform, and we are so excited to be the first to use it for Jewish education on this scale. We hope that this platform will become a useful, powerful tool for bringing more Jewish learning to communities and for strengthening Jewish culture worldwide.This year, Rabbi Steinsaltz will return as a featured speaker.

24×24 will begin at 00:00 Greenwich Mean Time on Sunday, November 15 (7pm EST on Saturday, November 14). 24×24 takes the Global “Day” literally, with over 24 hours of Jewish Learning broadcast live from around the globe.

Learn more about the Global Day here

Updated: Aug. 04, 2015