eCamp Israel - International Technology Summer Camp


Source: eCamp Israel website


eCamp Israel - The international technology summer camp, to take place in Israel this summer, is a first of its kind. eCamp, designed to bring enterprising young people from around the world together for a unique interactive experience, is expecting over 300 children and teens aged10-18 in its first year. The eCamp Village is located in a picturesque nature reserve at the residential village of Aloney Yitzchak, 28 miles (45 km) from Tel Aviv.


eCamp will take full advantage of Israel's being home to the second largest number of start-ups in the world, second only to Silicon Valley, and will enable campers to meet with the Titans of Israel's high tech community. Participants will also visit leading Is raeli research centers such as Intel, Microsoft, Google, Motorola, the Technion and Weiz mann Institute, and even train in the Israeli Air Force’s flight simulator.


eCampers will engage in interactive projects at the cutting edge of technology. Each camper will be expected to invent and design their own projects. Participants will be using the same top-class software and hardware that Israeli high tech innovators use to change the world. They will also get a chance to take part in a unique Google Gadgets Developers workshop hosted by Google Israel.


While participants will be able to experiment and explore, they also learn how to utilize innovation to make the world a better place.


eCamp Israel is operated in partnership with Oranim Educational Initiatives


eCamp Israel is officially supported by the President of Israel, Israel Ministry of Tourism and Minister Advisor for The Diaspora.

Updated: Apr. 30, 2008