Violent Summer Inspires Israeli Schools to Focus on Tolerance

August 21, 2015

Source: Israel Hayom


The first week of the approaching school year will be devoted to teaching students the importance of tolerance, fighting racism, and preventing violence, Israel Education Minister Naftali Bennett announced Thursday. The announcement follows the violent events over the summer, including the stabbing murder of an Israeli teenager at the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade and the arson that claimed the lives of a Palestinian toddler and his father in the village of Duma.

"The events that have transpired during the summer vacation compel us, as educators who champion ethics, liberty and the love of humanity, to spare no effort to prevent hatred and destruction from spreading," Education Ministry Director General Michal Cohen wrote in a letter sent to school principals nationwide.

"The education system is obligated to uproot these unacceptable social afflictions and teach students the sacred values of human dignity and liberty, morality and justice, love of humanity, and mutual responsibility."

When the new school year begins on Sept. 1, education teams nationwide will hold special classes focusing on the need to fight racism, incitement and violence in Israeli society. To that end, the Education Ministry has provided schools with curricula highlighting social values such as solidarity, humanism, tolerance and acceptance.

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Updated: Sep. 16, 2015