Melamdim - The Russ Berrie School for Teacher Training, Shalom Hartman Institute


Source:  The Shalom Hartman Institute 


Melamdim - The Russ Berrie School for Teacher Training is a two-year graduate program, comprising intensive Jewish studies at Shalom Hartman Institute's Jerusalem campus, graduate level courses at Tel Aviv University, and hands-on teaching experience in North American and Israeli high schools.


The program brings together between 20 to 30 outstanding graduate students a year who are committed to a teaching career in Jewish studies. Offering a Master of Arts Degree in Jewish Thought, Bible or Rabbinics, as well as a full scholarship and annual stipend.
In addition, Melamdim provides students with a unique frame-work of pluralistic Jewish study in a binational, cross-denominational environment:
All program graduates must commit to teaching for a minimum of three years following their completion of studies.


Target Population

The program is open to individuals of all denominations from
Israel and North America, who satisfy the following criteria:
* Bachelor's Degree in Jewish Studies, Bible, Talmud or Jewish Philosophy;
* Good knowledge of Hebrew;
* Knowledge of classical Jewish texts; 
* Commitment to fulfill the program’s considerable study and work requirements.

Updated: Apr. 30, 2008