Source: WebYeshiva 


WebYeshiva is the first fully interactive, Torah study program, featuring live, growth-oriented, cumulative courses, offered with the flexibility afforded by the internet.
An array of Rabbis and teachers combine the benefits of distance learning at a time and location that is convenient for the student, with the ongoing commitment necessary for growth in Torah study.


Highly advanced, user friendly technology creates the interactive, virtual classroom in which each participant sees and hears both the instructor and other students. This setting allows and encourages class participation as in any actual shiur (lesson).
The Web Yeshiva offers graded Talmud classes which aim to help the student acquire learning skills by actually participating in the classroom discussion, analysis and application of the Talmudic text.


The students are encouraged to prepare for the class through paired learning (hevruta) and review the classes by accessing the archived lessons.
Students of the yeshiva are required to pay for participation. A free 14-day trial is offered.


WebYeshiva offers a variety of lessons at different levels, tailored to a spectrum of students from beginners to advanced learners. WebYeshiva welcomes Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations, although it is an Orthodox institution governed in accordance with Halacha.

Updated: May. 04, 2008