2015 Early Childhood Jewish Education Conference

October 26-7, 2015

Source: Hebrew College


This year’s Early Childhood Conference, Hiburim: Using Connections to Strengthen Our Communities, on October 26-7, 2015 is designed to connect you as an individual and as an educator to other people, resources, and big ideas. According to Jewish tradition, our relationships can be categorized into three types of connections or relationships: between a person and one’s self, between a person and others and between a person and the Divine. Building on these relationships we will explore how the three are interconnected and identify new forms of connections that are relevant to our generation.

Two new features of our conference this year are Open Sessions and Table Talk Topics. Throughout the conference, we will offer several Open Sessions facilitated by experts who will lead a dialogue and create an environment that will allow session participants to connect with one another and share ideas and testimonials. During lunch time you can select to join a “Topic Table” and discuss an area of particular interest. If you would like to propose a topic to discuss during one of the Open Sessions, or you would like to be a champion and lead your own lunch Table Topic, please contact us.

Among the conference sessions:

• Mapping Our Connections: What do we see?

• Preschool Literacy – Shifting Towards Knowledge - Based Practice

• Inclusion in the Jewish Community

• Transforming the Nature of Your Playground

• Building a Community of Children

• Being Present, Being Connected

• The Power in Connection: How do we identify, harvest and use it?

• Jewish Learning Matters!

• The Students Are Easy – The Hard Part is Dealing with Their Parents!

• Outdoor Spaces for Healthy Minds

• Authentic and Meaningful: The Transformation of a School Wide Shabbat Celebration

• How to bring Hebrew and Israeli culture into your early childhood environment?

• Better Communication Between the Preschool and Families - How?

• Introduction to Torah Godly Play

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Updated: Oct. 21, 2015