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The Rabbanei Batei Hasefer Website started out as a collection of material for school rabbis. In Israel most of the religious public schools (mama"d) as well as a few of the regular public schools have a school rabbi. The rabbi serves as a spiritual adviser to the school community, the students, staff and parents of the school. He is often coordinator or consultant of the Jewish education curriculum (Tanach and Toshba). Many educators were happy to share material that they prepared and the site quickly grew to include worksheets, booklets, games, ideas for activities and more, making the site useful for all Jewish studies teachers. Many individuals graciously forward folders full of all their worksheets on a given topic to share with other educators. In the past the "Morei Hameah" (100 Teachers of the Year) award was given for developing the website for the benefit of the Jewish education community.

The site is divided into several major categories. Some of the most popular are:

1. Parshat Hashavua. This section is rich in materials of all sorts on a variety of levels: summary of the Parsha, bekiut (questions on the basics of the Parsha), a guide for teachers, middot, questions on Rashi, picture riddles, word riddles, nature/ecology in the Parsha and more, One can easily create a complete Parsha sheet by using sections from the choice of materials on this page.

2. Chagim (Jewish Festivals). This section contains materials on all the chagim and many special days in the Israel calendar, including study sheets, "chavrutot" (paired learning), games and more.

3. Dmuyot. (Personalities) This web page is a collection of material on the personality of the year, a righteous individual of great character that all schools in the Israeli religious public school system learn about. This year there are two, Rabbi Yosef Kapach and Rabbanit Bracha Kapach. Rabbi Kapach edited and wrote many scholarly books and was a judge in the High Rabbinical Court of Israel. His wife, Bracha, was involved in and founded many charities and welfare projects. The page on our site also contains a table listing plays, books, school trips, and posters available about these great people.

4. Rabbi Yona Goodman - Over 250 short audio talks about children and education by Rabbi Yona Goodman, Director of Education of Bnei Akiva Yeshivot.

There are many more pages and collections of material on topics such as Shabbat, Jerusalem, Shemita, internet and computers, prayers, blessings, and much more. Much time is being spent to add new material and categorize (grade-level and type of file) existing material making it more user friendly.

Please visit and feel free to use the rich collection of educational materials.

Updated: Apr. 13, 2016