Announcing Sefaria’s Day School Partnership Initiative for 2016-7


Source: Sefaria


For the 2016-2017 school year, Sefaria seeks creative educators who are ready to innovate and are open to new ways of thinking about teaching and learning. We plan to include up to 10 day schools in this Initiative. Each school will need one or two lead educators who are committed to working closely with Sefaria over the course of the year. We invite you to read more and consider applying!

This initiative will enable us to experiment with Sefaria in the day school setting, to think through best practices of teaching with Sefaria, to change and improve pedagogy around Jewish texts, and to foster a more innovative spirit in the community of Jewish learners.

We will explore the following questions:

  • What does Sefaria afford us in our teaching and learning that might be difficult or impossible without these tools?
  • What would it look like to create new forms of pedagogy for teaching Jewish texts in conjunction with the new medium we have for exploring these texts?
  • How can the teachers and learners of Jewish texts drive technological innovation that benefits our community? How can we nurture students who are creative in their learning, both inside and outside the classroom?
  • How can we leverage Sefaria’s open source and open access platform to create a stronger culture of sharing in the world of Jewish education?


  • On demand tech and curricular support. Sefaria’s Director of Education, Sara Wolkenfeld, will be available to train faculty and students in the use of Sefaria, help plan and craft course materials, and to connect educators with our engineer or content teams whenever necessary.
  • $360 professional development budget (per school).
  • Opportunity to influence the direction of product and feature developments on Sefaria
  • On demand translator services for excerpts of texts that are currently not translated in Sefaria’s library.
  • Special access to new features on Sefaria.

Get more information and application form here.

Updated: May. 26, 2016